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In 2009, Mesilla Valley Snacks was sold to Jensen Marketing, LLC. Today, Mesilla Valley Snacks, located in Las Cruces, is the only locally owned, full service vending company operating in Dona Ana County. All other full service vending companies are headquartered either out of state or hours away. We support our local Las Cruces communities through employment, home ownership, support of local Las Cruces charities, and contribution to the local Las Cruces tax base. When you contact Mesilla Valley Snacks, you are talking to the owners, not a salesperson. This gets you quick decisions and rapid response to any customer inquiry. In the rare instance when one of our machines is not working properly, our average response time to fix a problem is two hours or less!

In 2010, Mesilla Valley Snacks became a franchisee of Canteen. Canteen is the world's largest supplier of vending services. It is part of the worldwide Compass Group, one of the largest suppliers of vending, food service, and facilities management services. This relationship provides us with exposure to industry best practices in the servicing of our customers. It also allows us to provide the widest selection of name brand products to satisfy every customer need throughout Las Cruces and Dona Ana County!

Also in 2010, Mesilla Valley Snacks became the first snack vendor in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County to offer customers the convenience of credit/debit card readers on our machines. We are also deploying RDCs (Remote Data Collection) units that allow us to monitor vending machines working status and collect data on product usage that we can use to better tailor our product offering to customer preferences. Our drivers are equipped with handheld data collection devices that track sales, inventory history, and product preferences.

Since the change of ownership, Jensen Marketing, LLC has refocused Mesilla Valley Snacks on customer service, the basis of which is making sure our vending machines are clean, filled with fresh product, working properly, and by providing customers with the products they want at a competitive price. We can custom fit a vending program to your business that creates employee satisfaction. In the rare instance where we can't find a "fit" with a customer's business, we will assist you in finding an alternative vending solution. We look forward to working for you!